Pasting Attributes

I’m sure this has been posted before, but I got sick of shifting through 30 pages of a search:

I understand how to copy attributes (material, loc, etc.) but I have no clue how to paste them… I went through the menus, but could not find it.

Any help would be appreciated!:smiley:

There’s no need to copy or paste materials. When you create a material it will be available to any other object in the scene already. You just have to select it from the drop down list of the different materials you’ve made. The same also goes for textures.

To copy and paste keyframes, select them and then press shift+D for duplicate.

I guess I wasn’t too specific… my fault. What my real problem is this: I have created hundreds (literally) of objects that are parented to an empty. When the game starts, each of these objects is assigned a key. When you press the key at a certain location, you gain points.

I realized that not all of my friends have the numpad, which I set all of the objects to. I want to be able to make every one of those objects also be run by the regular 1-0 numbers above QWERTY…

Is there anyway to copy logic bricks (and paste them) or is there another way to solve my problem?

In Blender, you CopyPaste in same time :
Select Objects then the master and CTRL+C

to link to Object :
Select Objects then the master and CTRL+L

thank you