Pasting Picture on certain Faces

Hi all,

As some might have read in basics & interface already, I tried to model a computer. Now I’ve done some things in that, I wanted to put a Picture (The famous “blue-screen” on the computer screen. I saved the pic, and loaded it into blender. However, as soon as I added it as “Texture” (via new texture, texture type, image, load image) and I rendered the pic, I only saw it half. As if the picture was too large. I think there must be a button in blender to “auto-size” it to the right size, but, i’m not sure. Does anyone knows if it’s there/where it is?
At the moment i’m at my dads pc, so i have no pic ready. As soon as possible i’ll post one.


Take a look at and apply the technique they use for the software box in that tutorial on your computer screen.

Hope it helps!!!

Greetz Nuhvok

Hey Bedankt. Nu geen tijd om te kijken, moet zo naar school, maar probeer het binnenkort uit. :wink:

(Hey Thanks, No time to check it out now, have to go to school soon, but I try it as soon as possible.)

EDIT: Hmm, I watched the site, but it seems only to explain about “Uv-mapping” or so, and add pictures on one face. However, my screen is some more faces, so i see the picture about 7 times…
Does you/someone else maybe have another tip?

(This is how it looks at the moment, the screen is just blue with material, no pics)