Patch for free view during transform operations :)

Hi there,
mauge did a patch here : to allow to move the view during grab, rotate, duplicate, etc… Together with the new snapping options he is implementing, it’s a must for architects and engineer.
If you like it, I can provide builds for windows next week.

Can you please make a demo video on this?

Here it is.
First you see what default behavior does with pressed MMB. After pressing N, the view is freed and I can move the object much further :slight_smile:

I hope it carries over to Circle Select.
Is this going into Master on buildbot?

There’s a similar entry on the developer website where Severin brings up the potential issue of this not working with every keymap configuration that ships with Blender (like the Maya one).

More likely, a change would be needed where it would allow use of any key or button that is currently mapped to rotate the view (so it works with all configurations).

Now if he could make the middle mouse button sticky and continue to manipulate the view until another button press, it’d be just like Mirai mode in Wings3D. Awesome! (Of course give it a prefs option or just have it as an add-on, because some people for whatever reason still wouldn’t like it.)

This is a very very needed improvement, keep up the great work! I am really hoping this will make it into trunk.:smiley:
Does it support any custom key maps assigned to view manipulation or is it hard coded to the default ones?

Looking forward to those test builds, I am very eager to test this and the new snapping options.