Path, Dupliframe and cyclic animation.

Help !

I know, I have already posted a topic with this title few days ago, but I haven’t been able to find a solution since. and I got no response at all. Please give a look to my topic !
Thanks !

Philippe. %|

First, I’d like to propose to you to avoid starting new threads, unless ofcourse you want your post to pass unnoticed and your problem to remain unsolved… Not many people have the time and the patience to search for your first thread… :expressionless: Please try next time just to post on your initial thread…

Second, from the little I’ve read, someone allready answered to you, so I’ll leave it for the moment…

Go there and see if what Iaminnocent suggests to you, works o.k… If it doesn’t, there’s also another way of doing what you want, but it requires a lot of work on your behalf and I don’t recommend it for now…

First try IamInnocent’s way and if it doesn’t suit you, check this tutorial:

Yes, please… don’t start a new thread. When a thread gets a new response it will “show up on the radar,” and the entire thread is there to see. As it is, I have no idea what you are referring to.

You might not get your answer all the time but you won’t “be ignored.” That is why were here: to try to help (each other).

Another tip: make the Subject line count! No one has time to read all postings, so make the subject be a capsule-summary of what it is you’re asking. This will attract the people who think they might be able to help you, saving them a step or two.

Hi !

I am sorry for the double posting, but I had only a short time between two important works to make an exercise that will help me in the future, so I have not had the patience to wait several days. I Know, it’s no excuse for doing :expressionless:

IamInnocent helped me (thanks!) and I found also an other method by myself. This method is good on the result, and simple, but very long.
The wheels are not yet synchronized too.

I’ll have less time in the next days to work on it, but I’ll try to make a tutorial when I’ll have found the best way to do it.