Path Finding Problems

I have some difficulties in implementing A* path finding into blender.

Is there any functions on python scripts that can tell if there is an object if I give a coordinate?

(I have thought about placing an empty to check for collision, but an object cannot be in different positions and does a few collision checking in one single frame.)

Don’t we all? Gameblender doesn’t really have a particularly great system for pathfinding. And by that, I mean it doesn’t have any system for pathfinding, your left to just try and figure a way to do it yourself, and it’s not impossible. Unforunately, we don’t get access to mesh information like edges/adjacent vertices in gamblender, which would be a great help.

Sorry son, no such functions exist, unless some have been added by our new cool developer buddies while I wasn’t looking. Depending on how you are managing your co-ordinate system, you could make said functions yourself.

I’d imagine the best way would be to use a lot of ray casting, and some kind of grid system (as I mentioned earlier, we can’t just use a mesh to easily layout where pathfinding may take place, we can’t access adjacent vertices)

There are a few examples of working pathfinding in gameblender, do a forum search and I’m sure you’ll find some. Scabootssca did a good one a long while back.

Some guy actually create through python module. All you need is to create an array to subdivide a zone and then you’ll be able to implement what you need.