Path Follow

How do I make a sphere follow a circle? What I mean is, if I have a sphere and a circle, in front view: I want it to go in an orbital path. I feel really stupid, but I cant figure it out!

RMB-Select Sphere, Shft-RMB-Select Circle, Ctrl-P, Follow Path. Select Sphere and Alt-O (oh not zero).


Which type of circle? This will not work for a mesh circle, right?

bezier circle, then press alt c to convert to mesh

NURBS or Bezier CurveCircle.


no, you need to use a bezier circle or a NURBS circle (under the [curve] option in the toolbox, not the surface option)

i hope this helps

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Ok, bizer circle works best. one more thing: how do I make it follow faster? I assume I use the ipo editor, and go to path?

F9, Curve and Surface tab, set PathLength value lower.


Ya, path length, but I want it to keep going, not stop after that ammount of frames.

Easier than trying to explain. See the Constraint on the Cube too. For this your Pathlength needs to be equal to your Anim’s FrameLength.


In the IPO window: Curve>>Extend Mode>>Extrapolation.
Hope that helps.

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