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Me and my cousin have an idea to create a game. We need some programmers and grafics. Becouse we cant modeling or programing. I know that it sounds little bit strange that we want a game but we cant programing or modeling. We want created a fantasy RPG. Me and cousin will do design and something as managering. I think that our idea is very great and then if we will create it we will have a reallly lot of money. Please we need your help. Money will be divided rightly.

You need to describe your idea to make us interested. :wink:

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Dear PTTL, Where do I begin…

  1. Learn how to use proper spelling. If you want people to take you seriously take the time to use spell check or at least use a smaller word you do know to spell.

  2. It is considered quite rude to ask for favors in a community that you just joined. We love to help new people. What your asking is for us to do all the hard work. While you sit back and enjoy the benefits. It would be one thing if you admitted to wanting to at least learn along the way. It seems to me that you just want to “direct”.

  3. You admit that you want to “a reallly lot of money.” So we do all the work now for free, you make “lot of money” and we never see you again… Not that I have ever heard of anyone making any kind of money with a blender game. At least not a lot.

  4. This one I REALLY mean. LEARN HOW TO SPELL!!! <- So important its listed twice.

That about does it.

Okey, so…
It will be fantasy RPG. There will be absolutly “freedom”. You can go everywhere, you can take almost anything, you can kill anybody…you can be from pure farmer to famous king or whatever you want :-). There will be four schools :
- First School : In this school you can learn how to fight with different types of weapons.
- Second School : In this school you cen learn how to use a ranged weapons and some kind of moving.
- Third School : In this school you can learn how to use magic.
- Fourth School : In this school you can learn alchemy and theurgist ( theurgist is kind of magic. He is interested in theoretic part of magic. He can summon deamons from spheres, or he can transform mages spells for his needs.)

So, now something to absolutly “freedom” :
In taverns you can drink, you can pick up thing but be carefull to stealing them.
Or you can make fist fight. Play mini games ( cards and so on )
You can find some job in there. In towns you can go everywhere. You can enter to every building, but everyone doesnt like it if you enters his house. You can climb everywhere ( almost ) and climb in nature ( trees, rocks ).

And now creating character :
We want five races ( for now ) Orc, Human, Elf, Dwarf and Hobbit.
In the star you are playing as young ( 15 as human ) trought the time player is getting older ( also trought the time hair will straggles so sometimes you have to visite haircutter. )
You can choose :
Hairstyle, hair colour
“Weight” and Height
Shape of the face from the prepared ones
Skin colour
Eyes colour
Facial hair style and colour. ( trought the time )
New is that you arent choosing class but you can learn everything. But for certain race you will get certain bonuses.

Activities :
You can go fishing, skating, working ( lumberjack, farmer, hunter and so on. )

You can earn a dragon egg in the mountains or on other certain places. (Volcanos, Desert, forest and in Lake Realm )
We want to create 5 dragon races
We have thinked out elaborated controlling of dragon.
you have two modes (combat mode and a calm mode)
You can jump between you and your dragon ( playing for dragon or character)

We want elaborated combat and defending mode.
We are going to think out about three types of fighting and defending (for each weapon)
There will be staffs, swords, bows, axes, crosbows, hammers, maces, daggers, spears.

Traffic :
Flying boats, boats, gryphones, horses, lizzards and maybe some more…

Ohh, we almost forget that you can make up a family with all what it takes :slight_smile:
And this is APPROXIMATELY all :smiley:

for Enriqolonius : I take it. But in Czech one groups making blender game…and I think that if they will sell it they will have good money. I know that our idea is a big risk…but i am not bitch and i wont leave the project with money wich belongs to grafics and programmers. And Sorry but i am from Czech and i dont speak English as well as i wish.

Oh 3D…that was hilarious!!! I was thinking, “wow, this doesn’t rhyme,” and then I read below the picture!!! Sooooooooo funny!!! Come, save us Plant!!!

you aren’t really serious… are you?

I mean, you can’t really expect people to help… unconditionally?

how about this: get the engine to at least 50% done, and get a good start on the art side of it, and we might consider helping. or at least prove that you will contribute to the project at least as much as you’re asking everyone else to; or maybe offer lots of $$$ up front, plus work per hour, and maybe royalties on top of that.

The plot looks great…but there is dozens of games of this type out there…I’ll mention only one title Gothic I, II, III. Their engines are far ,far more sophisticated than blender GE is and these games are HITS they are very popular and are made with alot of money and time…I asume you dont have money, your plot is not so fancy and blender is not so capable engine. So if this game is made some day and goes commercial…there will be almost no money, because of these reasons and one more…advertising…advertising means money…alot of money for advertising.
No advertising–>no costumers,no fans, not popular --> no money.
The only way to do blender game…and actually to get some money for it and to be satisfied with them is to make it your self or atmost two of you.

I know that it will be not easy. But when we are together we have chance complete this idea. And i think…i know that when we sell the game…we will get a lot of money…and programers and grafics get together 75%

These kind of threads are a lot more common that I thought they would be, how annoying, I support 3DGuru :smiley:
Now looking what you want, all this IS extreme hard! You would need almost everyone here to make it posible, and is not gonna happen.

I would suggest attempting to learn some of the elements you will need developed. A basic understanding of those skills would help you in communicating with people who would possibly be interested in your game. Also, a useful thing you may want to consider ,if you are lacking skills in graphics and programming, is a game design document. It would be essentially your game bible. It would include all your ideas in a -detailed- format so that when you choose to show your concept it engages the target audience or at the very least lets them think you put some effort into the idea. This means defining a project scope and fleshing out storylines, character discriptions, worlds, gameplay etc. I see you have the start of such a thing in your magic schools and races portion of your post. If you can not illustrate your ideas, describe them in writing- a -detailed- verbal discription is better than nothing and could help gain interest in your ideas.

you don’t know about programming and modeling but your game is going to be capable of everything, as you said “absolutly freedoom”. Right? but you have no idea how to do it, so you are going to say to other people how to do your game “the game”. And you will earn money doing it. Do you realize how it sounds?

One more thing, how old are you , and what is your exprience making videogames?

fisicomolon : hey man…WE earn money TOGETHER. And we ( as designers and managers get a 15% ) and programmers and graphics get 75% of money…and i am 15 years…but i have some experience with game…becouse i wrote story for one game. And i have made 3D short movie.

DECYPL : so you think that we have a chance ?

I would not recommend starting a business because, number one, you have to pay people BEFORE the game is finished and AFTER the game is finished and you have to have a license to sell the game and all of that would take about a 5000 dollar loan (at the least). Especially if you create a game as elaborate as this, you have to provide even MORE money for how long the project takes, and if it goes over the due date, you have to pay your programmers I would recommend starting with something smaller. Not to be rude :slight_smile:

yournamehere : wait, wait, wait…i will buy license…i promise. How can i prove myself.

it was a big mistake…post this theard here

This is the quote that you should follow…

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”
Theodore Roosevelt

Poeple please…help us :frowning: