Pathfinder Demon

Hi all, first time posting. I’ve recently gotten into Blender since the pandemic, and I am just amazed day after day as to what is achievable in this software. Really looking to be more a part of the community as I’ve gotten a chance to learn from so many online tutorials and resources and wanted to share with you all my progress and journey using this super fun software!


The character looks really good!
Did you sculpt in Blender or import the mesh from Zbrush?

Hey @julperado! Thanks so much! I imported the sculpt from zbrush but hoping to switch entirely over to Blender to more their sculpting tools develop. Texturing, shading, lighting and rendering were all all setup in Blender

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you so much!! Such an honor! :scream::pray::pray::pray:
I’ll be sure to contribute more progress soon!

Happy Friday!

  • Andrew
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I wanted to share some progress I’ve made with this guy over the Holidays. Hoping to get the textures wrapped up soon! :crossed_fingers:t2: Happy 2021 everyone! :partying_face:

Posting my final images and work here! Definitely learned a lot about rendering and shading with this project in Blender, looking forward to the next one!

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