Paul Spooner - Sketchbook

Big sketch dump from the past two years. Not counting the commission work I’ve done, and the big projects that are still in progress.
Digitized some of my scrap metal from a photo using FSpy:

Made a crazy procgen bookshelf script:
ProcgenBookshelf (1).blend (176.7 KB)

Modeled the Sawayama Wonderdisc from ExaPunks:
RetroDisc.blend (219.6 KB)

Some Greek architecture, corinthian columns and stuff, from Los Romanos de la Decadencia by Thomas Couture:
CyberGreek.blend (252.5 KB)

An animated poem reading:

Really glad that the first prototype worked. All the modeling was done in Blender. Prints are by Shapeways.

Playing with branching arithmetic curves:
Deco Vines.blend (142.5 KB)
Just a few examples of the curves:

The settings are saved to a mesh parameter, so if you select a previously generated curve, the script will copy the settings. Did a stream on the development too: