Paul Spooner - Sketchbook

(dudecon) #1

Just wanted to share this crazy tree thing with everyone. Download the blender model here:

(dudecon) #2

My friend Shamus is publishing a new book… I may have gotten carried away:

(dudecon) #3

Working on a 3D printable mushroom. Initial results look promising!

(Ace Dragon) #4

On the first image, if you really want to create something dazzling with bright colors, it would really help to make use of the new filmic transform to eliminate the burnout and the blinding colors that result.

(dudecon) #5

Is that in 2.8? I’m still working in 2.79b for stability reasons.

(dudecon) #6

I’ve been meaning to make a procedurally generated library for a while. This book is all hand-made, but should be pretty easy to codify, whenever I get around to it.

You can get the 3d model here:

(dudecon) #7

Was just playing around, and my daughters started giving me advice. Cute bunny sky island.
CuteIslands.blend (250.4 KB)

(dudecon) #8

Playing around with net positive diffuse shaders. Is there an easier way to do this?

(dudecon) #9

Started fancying up a logo, and ended up with so many greebles!
TryopLogoGreebles.blend (133.9 KB)

(dudecon) #10

Inspired by the visuals in the game Gris.
GrisPots.blend (361.1 KB)
The glass pots were very fun to make. So pretty!

(Remix Euridium) #11

Very nice blends