Paul Wright: Sketchbook

Been enjoying other’s sketchbooks so I thought I’d throw my hat in the ring.

At the minute, working a space bus. The muck on it is a decal with grime and what have you shrink wrapped to the hull.

2.5hrs on it so far. Needs branding and little warning decals etc but its on its way.


Here it is with some slightly tweaked dirt and some logos and warnings.


Just the model:

I’m making some props for a music video I’m doing. The main one being this here cryo pod. Work in progress but looking decent.

Wanted to see what a bunch of them would look like.

Maybe I went a bit far. I like it though. I think it has a Klingon vessel vibe about it.

I think I prefer the floor lights like this…

Started work on the controls for the bridge of the spaceship that the cryo room is from

This is a first pass. (You might noticed its all mirrored :slight_smile:

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New console images I got to work on today.


Been adding greebles to the ship in this video.

Also been playing around with the look of space.


very good work! keep it up!

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Started making some modular boxes. Will put together a few more designs.

Texturing is all done in blender using texture paint and nodes.

Yet to figure out baking though…

Quick mods to make them different. Takes a while to render though. :confused:
If anyone knows any good texture baking tuts, I’m all ears…

looks really interesting. following.

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Not posted for a while, but here’re some WIPs I did.

The brief was some sci fi goggles that could be made out of welding goggles and a 9v plug.

The 1st one was the rough version (character from Mixamo) and then the 2nd one was a little bit more detail with a character I made in MakeHuman.

Back on the props. Couple of hours work as it was a bit of a refresher using box cutter.

Textured in Texture Paint.

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I did a timelapse if anyone is interested:

0:00 Model Start 0:56 Box Cutter 5:57 Texture Paint 9:13 Stencils 11:12 Add Dirt Layer 17:10 Procedural dents

Added a keyboard to it.

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Been making a costume for a main character in a music video.

Mixture of a base human from MakeHuman, a bit of sculpting and texture painting in blender.

I do love hand painting textures. This is half way through.

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He’s been in a crash…

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Working on a modular kit for a scifi corridor. Planning a little short (which I’ll probably never make) and wanted a quick set to grab. Will hopefully be texuring them soon.

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