pause a render?

I’ve always been curious of this, is it possible to pause a render without aborting?

You can stop it but not pause.


Mmmm on windows on can with ProcesExplorer pause a process.
So you can cheat and have Blender freezed for as long as you like and resume.
But it is done from outside Blender.

thnx, as far as using windows to pause the process, is file corruption a possibility doing this?

I’m sure this question has come up before, so why hasn’t this been added as a feature in any previously releases? I’m not a programmer, but I wouldn’t think it to be to complicated (though I’m sure I could be wrong).

File corruption…Good question.
I don’t know…
I’ve often turned my computer to stand-by unwillingly while rendering something and haven’t noticed anything wrong, so… i guess this is similar ?

It is actually quite easy with Process explorer…