Pausing Partical motion?

Is there a way that I could have particals (im using it for clouds) stop. so they are static, but spread out?

Static Particles can have parameters modified by Ipo curves… I don’t know if some of them will be useful for your application. You’ll have to make trials…

wait… so i can control particals…through ipo curves!?

yes you can. IPO curves can control many things over time. For instance, using the Time IPO curve under the category of object allows you to slow down time for that object, so that the particles could eventually come to a standstill.

Or move in reverse by going backwards in time.


Thanks :slight_smile:

Well when im messing around with particals, i tell it to start emitting at 1 and go till 500… but when it reaches 250 Frame, the particals freeze and start to die from the oldest to the youngest. :confused: What the heck is wrong?

Nvm, i just had to bake it :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone