Pay $25 to model an "Everlasting Gobstopper" from 1971 "Willy Wonka" movie

I want to 3D print some “Everlasting Gobstopper” replicas from the 1971 Gene Wilder film, but I need a Blender Guru to model it for me. The model will be 3D printed via Shapeways and then hand painted. Here is a picture of a carved sandstone replica that I found on eBay, and closely represents what I am looking for:

Here is a pic of an official gobstopper from the actual film:

And lastly, here is a cropped screen grab of Wonka holding the gobstopper in his hand (for sizing reference):

I can provide more reference photos if needed, but I think the images I posted should give you enough information to correctly model the object. In my opinion, it appears that the top is a truncated 4-sided pyramid, the four side pieces are truncated 3-sided pyramids with their edges slightly planed off, and the bottom four pieces are the same as the top. Using CSG additive techniques for all nine objects should probably do the trick. I leave it up to the modeller to calculate the dimensions of the various frustums.

I would prefer to render payment using PayPal, but am open to other options if necessary. Thanks for reading!

working on it… I will send you a pm

is it like this

hi, I have two Everlasting Gobstopper versions with right edges in each faces.
please check your inbox

Thank you everyone for your interest in this particular modeling job. I am currently reviewing the various submissions I have received so far, and will be making my final decision later in the week.

A note to people responding to job posts on these forums, please respond to the original poster via PM or email. Do not post actual 3D models (or screenshots) to the thread. It’s also advised that you not start work on a project until you have an agreement in place (even if informal) with the original poster.

To the OP, please do not treat the Paid Forums section as a contest. When someone starts working on your project, please mark your thread as SOLVED so other people don’t do unnecessary/noncommissioned work.

Thanks for the info, Fweeb. As this was my first work-for-hire post, I wasn’t planning on treating it as a “contest”, but some people just started posting work-in-progress pics, so I decided to give all interested parties time to reply. I will gladly mark this thread as “SOLVED”, but I cannot see how to do that. Can you explain the process to me? I thought I could do so by editing my initial post, but that didn’t seem to be the right solution.

Go back paid work section>Double click on your post “not the text” and just type Solved

When you edit your post, click the Go Advanced button. Then, at the top, there should be a dropdown box labeled Prefix. Change that from None to [SOLVED].

Just for closure, I chose user “const” to model the Gobstopper, and he did excellent work! Highly recommended. His profile is: