PBR Bridge v1.2 - More Substance Painter automation & versions supported!

Hey everyone!

I’m pleased to announce to you that PBR Bridge v1.2 is now available.
Thanks to the community feedback on the discord, a lot of improvements have been made regarding Substance version compatibility and its workflow.

I know some of you were waiting for this backward compatibility, so it’s with great pleasure that I can tell you that is is now compatible from Substance version 2019.3.3 to 7.3.0 (including Steam Edition - cf documentation for the new Steam checkbox).

The addon now quietly install a custom Substance addon (named wr-link) which removes almost all useless remaining manual tasks!

Youtube Overview video

Release notes for v1.2

  • Reminder Tooltips
  • Substance: ability to choose between TextureSet (Legacy) / UVTile UDIM workflow
  • Substance: use of multiple displacement modifiers when using new UDIM workflow
  • Substance Steam: support for additional command line args in application path
  • Substance plugin: create & save custom project
  • Substance plugin: set project Workflow
  • Substance plugin: set export textures url
  • Substance plugin: import & set preset
  • Substance plugin: set padding:‘Transparent’, dilation:2 for projectWorkflow==‘UVTile’
  • Substance Steam: Checkbox in preferences
  • Substance Steam: Auto Steam location
  • Substance: Backward compatilibity (from 2019.3.3)
  • Tested with Substance 2017.x(not working), 2019.x(not working), 2019.3.3, 2020.2.0, 2020.2.2, 7.2.3, 7.3.0
  • Substance Steam: ComboBox to launch 2019-2020-2021 versions
  • Better exception handling on edit button

PBR Bridge provides a non destructive, automated, texture workflow between Blender and industry standards: Quixel Mixer, Substance Painter & ArmorPaint.


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