PBR in Blender


To speed up my 3D production workflow I made this watch and created a short “physically-based rendering” video commercial to test Blender’s realtime capabilities.

Please watch in HD!


Looks great! However I’m gunna hazard a guess that the metallic part of your PBR setup has a glossy coat on it, or a glossy mix somewhere, which you’re using alongside a roughness map to determine how smooth the surface is. I don’t know if this is what you’ve done, but it’s what it seems like due to the metallic parts of the watch looking… well, like they have a clearcoat, and it’s taking away from the metallic look we should be seeing.

All in all though, great work. If you did do the above, and you want to fix it, just get rid of the glossy shader you’re using in conjunction with the metallic shader, and plug the roughness directly into the metallic’s roughness instead.

Glsl? Nice!(I think you should creat a bump map for the metal part,It enhance your realisum to your real time render!!!!!)
Anyway Could you share the bg music(It also look pretty)

Thanks for your suggestions, glsl it is!

Jack, can you explain with a photo/image example what you exactly mean to obtain with the metal texture without clearcoat so I can try to work into that direction? A visual is worth more than 1000 words! :slight_smile:

Nice, looking good. I recommend you render out really large and resize with Lanczos, Guassian or Bilinear to help with your antialiasing rustle and edges! loved the effort of the viewport and possibilities for realtime PBR!!

Very nice. The viewport rendering option is an intriguing option.