PBR materials with opacity/mask layers

Hi there,

I’ve been looking on some free PBR texture sites and found a few textures that have opacity/mask layers to remove parts of the texture. Here is an example.https://cc0textures.com/view.php?tex=MetalWalkway07

I was wondering how I could achieve this effect in blender with these PBR maps?


Use a mix RGB/Shader node. The mask goes into the mix factor socket. Black areas receive input 1 and white receives input 2.

Thanks for your reply. Would I then have to model the mesh according to the texture or will it automatically be invisible? Thanks.

I’m relatively new to texturing.

In the case of using an opacity mask to make parts of an object invisible, you’d use a mix shader node along with a transparent shader node plugged into socket 1. Your material shader would go into socket 2.

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