PBR Painter 2.0 - Layered Multichannel PBR Texture Painting

Oh that’s not good! Is the button missing or just the settings inside the popup? A screenshot of the UI could help see what’s going on.

Also, I am looking at udims for the next minor version update (v2.2) so I’ll give some more detailed info on that soon.

I don’t have the buttons and I’m not sure how to find the base material and edit it, if it’s in this shader network. I poked around but couldn’t figure it out.

I look forward to hearing more about udims as it seems like a tough thing to implement for most other dedicated painting apps.

There is a button in the PBR Painter UI (circled in the screenshot below) that lets you access the background material. Does this work for you?

In general everything is controlled in the UI so you don’t need to go to the node editor, unless you’re using a custom layer.

Let me know if that works or if you still can’t access it.


Nice. Will try it out!

Yes that works for me, thank you.
A suggestion is adding a “copy material” alongside “backup material”. My current workflow is I setup basic material properties as I model and would like an easy way to paint those instead of re-creating them when I start PBR Painter.

It’s a real nice painting addon. Thank you for making it.