PBR_SHADER 1.5 for Blender v2.72b

Hi all,

If you’re interrested, this is an uber shader have made. It’s compatible with Substance Painter and there’re a documentation.


This looks very cool! I haven’t got into Substance too much yet, but looking forward to playing with this soon. Thanks!

Hi MattRM

Could you send this shader to me ?My emil " [email protected] "
Not lucky ,I can not open the adress that you gave, because of my internet problem, it is always make me crazy!

Hi Wuren,

Send it to you,
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Is it for Substance painter maps only. or we can use it with blender normal,diffuse maps

You can use the maps you want, there’re just a tool for plug easily the substance to the PBR shader. In the 1.75, will have the plug but also a lighter shader only for Substance Painter or for tools using the metalness PBR worflow. The PBR can be heavier due to the numbers of nodes inside (in the version 2.0 the shaders will be in OSL for CPU only, try to found a solution for coding it for gpu too).


Thanx for the reply @MattRM