PBR Texture Generator Addon

I made an addon which will generate PBR textures and assign them directly inside blender. I’d be really grateful if you guys could use it and let me know how it is and if there are some changes needed

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Ihab_Adeel… I like your addon it really speeds things up. All I need is an image and your addon does the rest. I was at first intimidated by the installation, but it really took a minute to do that and then all works as expected. Thank you so much for this awesome work

Activating the addon getting this error. Im using 2.82 version. Any solution

texture map

you’ve made some sort of issue with the installation,

did you run the python commands from the blender installation folder?

because blender’s python and your system’s python works separately

I have just installed the regular way. With going in preferences addon -> install -> selected the zip file thats it.

I went here and followed the instructions and everything worked

Getting this error

waiting for a video how to install the addon

Yup, I am getting the same syntax error.
Probably not clearly explained about how to do the python scipt execute command