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I just had an online interview for a job in environment design and I said that I was working with PBR in Blender cycles. It’s not correct because it’s BSDF, but there are a lot of similarities in the nodal system.

Should I send a little erratum or is it a minor mistake and not worthy enough to be mentioned

Is it me or did you confuse the terminology. As far as I know: BSDF is a shader model commonly used in PBR engines… So you were right saying you’re working with PBR.


Yep, right: BSDFs are mathematical models for surface appearance, which are used in physically based shading systems (aka PBR) to define shaders.
The main difference between Cycles and realtime engines that are advertised as having PBR is that in Cycles you can buils your own node graph, while realtime engines usually have a fixed shader where you can only tweak teytires and parameters.

why are some peoples working on PBR nodes then ?

also any chance of getting a node that can work with n , K mode in cycles
seen some nodes equivalent but not always realist !
but this requires colors at diff freq or a good algo for and equivalent

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Lots of people like the workflow “PBR” game engines have with a fixed shader that you just add textures and tweak parameters on. Plus tools like Substance are designed around exporting to such a shader. So lots of people have made node groups to try and emulate such a shader in Cycles.

but is there any plan to add such new PBR nodes in cycles
or is this PBR things only for the viewport ?


Yep, that’s pretty much it - a “PBR node” would be one of these canned shaders that game engines use - nothing fancy, just kind of like a node group.

As for adding such a node to Cycles, that’s one of my longer-term projects - my current goal is to have one physically correct material (which would also answer your NK metal question) and one artist-control-oriented node (the Disney BSDF model looks pretty neat for that).

may be it is your node I saw in a file download not certain

but that new node seems to have a lot of variables
which made it a bit difficult to understand how to use it !

but using it seems to give some very nice render !

is there any chance of getting this new node in cycles soon ?

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