pc standard for GE

hey i’m starting to look into getting a new pc for my projects. I feel my pc is a bit out dated and its got some issues. I notice my fps is kinda low. I’m running a quad core 2.8ghz , 4g ram , with a Nvidia Geforce 210. Would a new pc say with 3.x , 16g , and a better graphics card help? I am curious if blender has limits that don’t surpass better hardware. this sounds dumb to ask, but i don’t know for sure. can someone respond plz.

It depends where your project is running slow. I can run most games quite well with similar specifications (GTX460 1gb, 16GB ram, i5-760 2.8 OC to 3.x).

I suspect your graphics card is the bottleneck, so you can afford to replace that without rebuilding an entire system. However, more ram wouldn’t go amiss.

Post some profile results, with absolute timings (a screenshot will do), and the file so that we can compare!

It’s very often not a good idea to get a faster computer. Instead optimize your game. Many of the games i’ve made ran on a 1.6ghz dual core 2gb ram.
Look at things like:

  • how many lights in the scene
  • what is the texture sizing like
  • what is the polycount like

I suppose it depends on how much you’re willing to spend.
Probably an NVIDIA card simply so you can run broken shader code.
But if you’re serious it’s better to test on a range of hardware.

It’s very often not a good idea to get a faster computer. Instead optimize your game. Many of the games i’ve made ran on a 1.6ghz dual core 2gb ram.


I use an old laptop with a 2 ghz intel dual core processor, an nvidia 9300m gpu, and 3 gigs of ram.

Most of what I do runs perfectly fine.


if he has a nvidia 210 chances are he is on a older pci express slot right?

I went to upgrade, and there simply were not many good options, as the psu was maxed as it was and the mobo was 32x

that is why I bought the alienware alpha.
it has performed well so far,
with only planetside 2 giving it trouble
(cpu time) from thousands of people in a small

if you want to draw a large open long draw, populated with content, you can’t really use the Nvidia 210.

what about a lot of shaders. my mario game is shader intense. n I have more to add. so any advice?

well, I am not sure if shaders use more rresources then a stock texture?

HG1 is amazing with game nodes,

I have yet to try a comparision using equal geometry and texture res between stock and game node shader and gsl code shaders

how many pci express slots do you have?

for shaders, if you decide to buy a new graphic card, buy an nvidia, 5 out of 10 shaders wont work with amd/ati.

16 Gb ram is nice, but blender won’t use that much.
upgrading cpu will give you a boost in calculating (physics, etc).
upgrading your vid card will speed up texture loading/mipmapping.
Getting an SSD, wil boost your loading times.

in general ask what you want, want a system for blender?, upgrade your video card.
wan’t a system for blender and gaming, upgrade everything.

an 2.4 Ghz processor is more then enough for blender, so is 4Gb of ram.
Your video card is a bit on the low end, you can get a bit better result with a newer one.

conclusion, for blender and only for blender, keep what you have, don’t waste money.