Pc upgrades for better performance overall?

Can you guys help me choose some cheap upgrades for my pc? I mainly use blender for interior/product rendering. Lately i’ve been working on more complex scenes and the textures add up and spred over my 8 gb of ram. Is adding 8more gb ram to the system improve my experience?

Here’s my system

Anything else? Can’t spend too much but i’m open to hear other posibilities if ther are any.

Thank you!


Current system or what you have in mind?

Anyway, you propose an approximate available budget of what you can spend.
You also specify better in which areas of Blender you feel limited working on your current machine. You give examples.

In principle, a better GPU with as much vRAM as you can.
More RAM of course. But if you have upcoming plans to change CPU and motherboard for something newer, I’m not sure if you should invest in RAM for your current machine, which you will not be able to use the RAM on a new machine.

Since it’s a two dimm-slot motherboard, you are limited in what you can do here. Either you have to change the motherboard and then invest in more ddr3 ram or you might as well consider upgrading to a newer system altogether.

If you can come up with a nuber for a budget we might be able to give better advice.

Hi, thank you for answering.
Maybe i’ll be able to buy a good PC.

What would a really killer set-up look like? I’m usually working really high stressing jobs (Editing, 3d modeling, 3D CAD modeling, video/photo editing, I’m not looking for gaming)

What would a $3000 build or even more look like to perform the best in this tasks?

At least in Blender, having the best machine on the market does not guarantee that you will not have some performance problems. Blender has its own limitations, and eventually it could be improved later, or maybe not.
In general, it is always better to buy the most modern hardware of the last family of each, so that you do not feel the need to upgrade in the short term.
Regarding the CPU, very many threads is very good to render with Cycles. But to work with Blender, there are tasks that depend a lot on single thread performance. So a good decision regarding CPU is to achieve a balance between those two things:

(you do not buy Intel Xeon, you do not need to spend that much)
About the GPU, gaming new card with as much vRAM as you can. When you have something in your sights, you should ask about it here.

About RAM, 32GB is usually good.

I did not worry much about specifying hardware because I think your budget is not so limited and you will not have problems in choosing a good machine.

$3000 can get you a really good PC for the tasks you described without too much compromise.

Maybe something along the lines of that?

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