.pdf files

Anybody know how to rip out the images from adobe pdf files…?

I found a great breakdown of a model I want to do but…well thats the problem

any help is great

if you want to open .pdf files, then use the images inside of the file than Inkscape or GIMP are the answer:

I have Gimp…

What I need are the steps for getting the image out of Adobe and into gimp…

and then tusly into Blender to use as a ref

a-Ha —… You were right…thx

Gimp opened and imported

now I have modeling to do

again thx

yes - GIMP and Inkscape, both open the .pdf files - it depends on what you want to do next: use Inkscape if you want to edit the text (if the .pdf was vector created, not bitmap), export separate the images, etc. or just open it in GIMP and save the bitmap to a format you want.

If you want to copy any image from pdf files. Its very easy. Just install the Adobe Acrobat 5.0 and open the file. When you select the option for save as you can in the below save in jpeg option. So you can crop the selected image from jpeg format.