PE Plants

i made plants with a particle emmiter and im not sure if it’s ever been done before so i decided to post it here


and also, in the particle emmiter tab theres a thing that says children, is that something I could use to make a fern?

cool, i like it…what settings did you use?

not sure, i kind of just messed around with it until it looked right but i didnt save it

You might find these useful:
(by Ammusionist [I’m almost sure])

and there’s a sticky in one of the art forums about this, though it was before the particle rewrite so the blends may not work.


Here ( ) :eek: is a French tutorial showing how to model & texture plants using static particles. There was an even better tut by Carsten Wartmann in the “Tutorial Guide #2” book.
The particle panels (well, all Blender panels) have however changed so much that I was never able to redo this in modern versions… :no:

thanks for the files
i learned something

Damn Fligh - How long has it been since I saw this!

Nice to know someone’s hanging on to them! Thanks!

2.40. That’s from the thread where you taught me about Generations. It’s an excellent Demo file.


Hmmm - I might have to do a tutorial!