Peace on earth WIP

Every time i start a new project i realize that the things i model have to have a certain meaning for me to actually take the time to finish it…

What I wanted to capture on this render is a beautiful peaceful piece of heaven in the middle of a disastrious place. I haven’t quite been able to achieve this as you can see, the lighting is very poor and there are many things missing. I just wanted to see what people thought of it so far.


looks pretty good but i’l say this: the concept is a little foggy. i don’t really understand whats all going on. but i think i like it. :slight_smile:

With more work put into this, this will be good. I really like it already - looking forward to more progress. :wink:

Lots of potential, but radialronnie is right. I can’t understand what’s what.

Keep working on it, you can make this great.

I’m with everyone else; it’s too complicated to discern what I’m supposed to be looking at. As you progress, maybe work on making the textural detail less complex in areas where you don’t want to draw the viewers attention.

Good stuff. You definitely have something good here.
With regards to making it more readable, try a little aerial perspective - use the zbuffer to make the background a little more blue/reduce the contrast. It should lift out the foreground a bit and also give the image a bit of realism.

Ok this is not an update, well it kinda is lol.

This is more like a test with the scene. All i want from you is to know if i should keep working on the scene the way i originally started with or this new way. The “new” way will make the whole surrounding almost gray, and the newly added planet, the statue and the island-thing very colorful. If i do go with this way i’ll still add more stuff to the surroundings but they will be grayish also. The whole environment will be a blattlefield with the island in the middle.