Peacock Feather

How would u model and texture this peacock feather.

your image is only part of a feather !

use alpha for image
by using free soft like GIMP

or can use directly the image with black background
and sent it to the FAC input on mix shader in cycles or EEVEE
Black won’t be shown and appear transparent

happy cl

Thank you for your reply. Yes of course I could use an alpha. But want I want to know is if it’s actually posibble to model it in blender. And the image I posted is just a reference. I want to make the whole feather.

you mean to make a mesh 3D model ?

can be done
but just will be high res !

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I don’t care about the high resolution. But would like to know how to do it. Should I use hair particles? Especially how to make those tiny details on each strand of the feather?

on each strand it looks like there are some hairs
so you could use the hair particles to do it

may have to make it real to get different colors along strands

but will be very tedious but possible

have fun

happy bl

:grin::sweat_smile: will try :joy: