Peacox Studio is looking for a Lead 3D Artist

Peacox Studio is looking for the Lead 3D Artist,

Preferably 3D Generalist

🧰 Job Type: Remote


🎯 Work on Various 3D Projects
🎯 Revise tasks done by other 3D artists
🎯 Share experience and lead the group of 3D artists

💸 Payment: Hourly 8-12$ Gross hourly (1300-2000$ based on experience in case of full time=164 hours).

💰Bonus payment in case of overtime

💡 If you’re interested in working with us, please send your portfolio with title “3D artist” or “3D Generalist” to Email:

📩 [email protected]

Considerable note:

The offer will not be considered in case of not following instructions.

$8 to $12 USD per hour is not enough. I make twice that working in retail as a clerk. This is a specialized career with years of dedication, schooling and training. If it were 2D rendered sprites with prebuilt assets that would be another thing. Are you willing to negotiate the pay into the $20 or $30 per hour ballpark? That’s still below standard and more likely for an indie or smaller studio.


@AngelaReitan It highly depends on where you live and it’s a fair amount in my country. Don’t forget that this is a remote job…

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