Pearl [Steven Universe]

A Fan art of Pearl from the series Steven Universe by Rebecca Sugar.
Peal was a character that grew on me through the course of the show and was glad to use her concept for my first go at a full character sculpt.
Learnt a Lot during this project and a lot thanks to Shane Olson for his 3D Character Workshop Course.

I also made a 3D printable version of the model which can be gotten from my Artstation Store for $4.99

Final Render.

Landscape Version

Painting the freckles

Modelling the clothes

Texturing the eyes which took a while to get right

Close-up of the spear

A render of the 3D printable version

Playing around with eevee

Some additional renders, and a video of all the main renders till the final image is on my Artstation Post

And I share my work in progress, and experiments on my Instagram with the handle @afeso


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