Peasant Character Model

Mostly for practice purposes, I just started modeling a few months ago and I been practicing since then.

Btw, if anyone knows a good hair tutorial please let me know, I’ve been having trouble with modeling the hair.


I added the eyes and hair. I couldn’t achieve the “anime” style I was going for, but with practice I think I’ll get it someday.


His left hand and arm look funky to me. It looks like his left elbow and back of his hand are pointing toward the camera. His right hand and arm look fine though. It almost looks like the left arm is the right arm rotated around his body instead of mirrored. Is this a trick of the light setup?

lol yeah, it is like a light illusion, since I did not rotate it, I used the mirror modifier XD but I do know what you mean. I am still new to all of this, so idk how to make good use of light and stuff

Yeah, everything else looked really good so I was all like, “wft is with that arm?”

lol XD

Btw, thanks for sharing your opinion =]