pedestrian nightmare...

(YAYA) #1

Finally, I post this thing, first it was the bio-tech and now it seems to be a trike from hell!

(Haunted-House) #2

Thats really cool looking, the only problem is the front window looks odd. :stuck_out_tongue:

(stephen2002) #3

interesting, the exposed belts are not too safe :slight_smile:

(sten) #4

yay !! :wink:

that is one cool machine, excellent materials !!

too bad Blender’s AntiAlising is so damn crappy…your pic is great
but somewhat ruined in the edges cause of lack of better AA in Blender…

here is a tip, render it BIG (maybe 3000 pixels) take in to PhotoShop and resize it down to 1000 pixels…that makes the alising disappear a bit…hopefully !!

nice to see it finished !!

(Eric) #5

Remember that the first episodes of Babylon 5 was made without AA, and used the same technique as you just described :smiley:

(meestaplu) #6

Manual supersampling (aka rendering a large pic and manually scaling it down) is an excellent technique. Excellent modeling; I like the ram scoop in the back. The windshield looks a little weird, though.

(Friday13) #7

Cool car, is it for sale? :stuck_out_tongue:

(digitalSlav) #8

much nicer than before!

and remember for tv production it can look crappy cause most tv’s at that time only drew every other line so any imperfections would be barely noticable unless seen on a computer.

(timb0) #9

Wow, that’s one sweet thing. 8)