Pen tablet


I’m planning to buy a pen tablet of brand Wacom. One without an actual screen like this one (so it must be cheap, not expensive tablet with a screen):

My questions:

  • how to setup a tablet in Blender?

  • anybody has experience and knows Wacom works with Blender? (I’m on Windows only)

  • do you think it’s usefull to use a tablet (no screen like the example above) in Blender for grease pencil and/or sculpting or will I need a tablet with a screen for this?

I’ll refer to Graphics Tablet as one with a screen sometimes called Pen Display…etc. and Drawing Tablet as one without…

The Graphics Tablets are something great to have and double as a dual screen.
But you are talking about a large price difference between a Graphics Tablet vs. a Drawing Tablet, and you would want the largest format you can afford! You also need to have a decent Grafix Card to drive them. It is the first thing on my list when I hit the lottery!

To actually do all you can with a Drawing tablet as soon as you get used to drawing without looking at where you are drawing but at the screen, and coordinate your movements…

Pressure Sensitivity is a must and the greater the range the better…it really does matter if you start using brushes in a program that will make the line thicker with more pen pressure…Like real drawing on paper which is what you are trying to emulate as close as possible…

As far as Blender…the Drawing Tablet is like a Mouse shaped Like a pen…and sets up in windows with the driver and is easy to set up in Blender…

And to add, I use it all the time…as it sits on the side of my desk and I can grab it for sculpting, grease pencil… annotations…and I communicate with others with quick sketches using windows Ink whiteboard… it is also a very old Bamboo Artist…which you can now pick up a used on for almost nothing…


Pen Tablets are very useful, you don’t need screen. There is also the brand called XP-Pen tablet that seems good (and cheaper than Wacom). I have a Wacom Intuos PTZ431W, it’s small (the active area is 6-Inch wide from what I read, A6 even if it looks A5) but it’s much more convenient than a larger one imho because your pen doesn’t have to move a lot. It must be 20 year old and it still works perfectly. As it was an old tablet I had to set some parameters but nothing complicated. And I don’t use the button of the tablet itself, only the pen and its left and right click.

So all you need to do in Blender is set Tablet API to automatic?
It really doesn’t matter then what brand of tablet I have because all should work?

Yep, it’s pretty much plug and play

Is it possible to do a right click (for a menu) in Blender using pen tablet, maybe with the buttons?
So how to set a pen button to blender for right click?

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Well, in Wacom you can set an app specific button shortcuts. You can open the app, which in this case is Blender, and on the top right corner, you can click the (+) button and select Blender from the Currently Open Applications.

Also for the pen buttons possible or only for tablet buttons as you show?

You can set the pen buttons as well if this is your question