Pencil 2d animation software

Hello fellow artists. I have done some animation in flash but always had some challenges with its drawing tools. I found this cool little animation ap and wanted to know what you all thought about it.…ex.php?id=Home

wow, Thanks!!

Wow, :eek: that is brilliant. Great find! This is sure to come in handy!! :smiley:

Missing qtxml4.dll on XP pro … I’m looking for it now.


This is cool…thnx…

I am almost sure that I do not have the patience needed for traditional animation, but I will check this out anyways.

this is awesome! thanks a ton.

this is great, i like this program, i wish it were the opensource answer to flash, the gui is nice unlike other aps


looks great -i’ll put my students on to it right away. Have you also tried the latest GIMP with animation package, which gives you all the bitmap tools you could want, although none of the vector stuff, and the video encoder is buggy, and i can’t work out the onionskinning feature for the life of me but great for quick animated gifs or bitmap sequences.

does this has sound feature also?
Can this import mesh/Armature from Blender also?

  1. Import sound - yes

  2. Meshes … no … it’s a 2d drawing program.

Is anyone else using it on Windows ?

I’m running it quite a few bugs :

  1. First that missing dll … I just re-downloaded the file and the dll is there now … I’m looking on my system for the previous download,… maybe the dll was there in the first place ??

  2. Exporting .jpg’s is not working … I get 0 byte length files … PNG is working

  3. When choosing the Import image’s or sound file menu choice, I’m getting the Export dialog displayd instead, and although it prompts to save … and even warns about replacing the exising file .it actually DOES import the image / sound file

  4. Importing jpg’s doesn’t work, PNG’s, BMP’s do work.

  5. The timeline seems to only display ~170 frames, it won’t scroll any further than that.

  6. It keeps crashing.

Cute little program with some growing pains it would seem … at least on Windows.


I think Blender is better. There will be some way out for creating 2D output from 3D Blender.

well yeah there is. u can now paint on each frame of a movie that u import into blender (UV/Image editor window). of course it’s not vector then, but simple/expiramental stuff can be done.

Mike did you e-mail those problems to the author? If not, I can send them to him.

Yes I did, and he emailed me back saying that he had corrected them … doesn’t look like it’s been updated on the site yet though.

I downloaded the source code just for grins, to see what damage … err tinkering I can do with it :slight_smile: (Source code was ~600 KB … Qt support libraries ~60meg !!! :eek:)


nice, this is actually a pretty well done little app. I was surprised at the interface. it’s very nice! defiantly some room for improvement of course. brushes could use some work. the pencil… actually isn’t too bad. it would be nice to implement something like symbols in flash… or anim brushes like in Dpaint. I don’t see anyway to edit hotkeys yet either.

Speaking of doing 2d in blender. I’ve always wondered if it would be possible to implement a sketch animation patch/python script into blender? So you could do pencil roughs over your 3d work window while your animating. Similar to what digital fish is
doing here…

does Pencil work with windows 2000?

Pencil v.0.4.2b

go and Download:

I just installed the latest to win2k. Has a very well done interface, everything seems well thought out. I’m not much for the hand drawn skills so I wanted to import. The jpg that I tried didn’t show up so I’m not too sure what file formats it supports. As for bugs the poly line is very goofed up. Draws almost a full screen offset from the cursor then when applied the line relocates to the actual mouse position. Don’t know if that’s win2k or not. Poly line has a very interesting curve a.i. Good looking soft, and open sourced so no worries down the road. And they say they have plans. I don’t know, probably something I won’t use all that much. Good to have on board. Thanks for the pointer.