Penguin Bust (Batman fanart)

Did this simple Penguin portrait to test something different for my personal pieces, moving more into an stylized art style. I’m starting to like this process too, quick sculpt with simple materials/lighting and the rest in 2D (lines, halftone effect, hard shadows, rim lights, etc).

Blender for the 3D stuff, Krita for finalizing

Here’s the raw render and the matcaps used as extra passes:


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Awesome! Thanks Bart! :nerd_face:

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Somehow, the Batman franchise “always had a way with great villains,” even in its earliest comic-book days. The Penguin was my second-favorite, second only to The Joker.

This, of course, is an excellent rendering of that legendary character.

I frankly read the comic book – not for the erstwhile “protagonist” nor his sidekick(s) – but because of the thoroughly imaginative villains.

The only comic that ever in my uneducated opinion “ever topped it” – and yet, “topped it” very consistently – was Dr. Strange.

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I agree! The best thing about Batman, and about most other superheroes stories as well, are its villains, such cool and interesting characters!