Well this is the first model/render that I didn’t totally screw up.
I used to be a POV-rayer but got tired of the math :slight_smile: (and huge render times)

Though animating this thing won’t be easy either… The basic bones are there, but I don’t know how I’m going to take care of the mouth/teeth, and the cloak of course.

Here he is in a slightly less dark render :slight_smile:

he looks good. have you tried rendering him with yafray? also one suggestion,…seems like he should have toes.

Heh. I like it. Looks like you’re having fun with it.

I’m not sure, but since when did birds have teeth ? :wink:

Nice model, BTW.

When did birds get teeth? I think it was the same time they got walking sticks and hats

Cool model, but yeah, he looks like he needs webbed feet or something. maybe some fancy shoes.

Yeah, fancy shoes would be cool…

He should get shiny shoes. With tassels! And he should have a seagull buffing them for him!

…Yeah, ok…

I like second one :slight_smile: he looks like he’s going to say “You can kiss my black a55” :slight_smile:


no he should have an msn butterfly polishing them! cause we all know that windows real name is Winblows! :wink:


Thanks for the comments. The model (obviously) isn’t supposed to be realistic, but I guess the feet do need some work :slight_smile:

I tried rendering with Yafray from Blender, but that didn’t work (and yable doesn’t export the materials and lights so i’m not going to try that).

When I try to use the “Yafray” rendering I get this:

Starting scene conversion.
Added original matrix
From parent: Added dupli matrix for linked object OBE_Eyes
Scene conversion done.
ERROR: Duplilist non_empty, but no srcobs

And it pretty much stops there…

So you are using the integrated yafray engine with 2.33a? Weird. Sorry can’t help you. :frowning:

The Povray rendering is really nice, but a tad too dark.

Christian lightsabre-fighting pinguin? Hmm…

It’s not a Pov-ray render :slight_smile: They’re both Blender.

I made the first image in a completely dark room on a pretty bright monitor (samsung syncmaster 172T :P). Now I see it is indeed quite difficult to see the penguin’s details.

Heh. Last night I was blending and the whole things was…so…bright, so I turned my monitor way down. This morning I could hardly see the damn thing. I know how that goes. Keep it up.