turntable: click here…

[updated render below]

Cute bird. I need to make one of those in the future.

yeah, penguins are kind of cool. since the first appearance of the penguins of madagascar i wanted to do one. would like to see your attempt to a penguin character.

i’ve been playing around at this one. the front view is pretty nice, the angle and side kind of curious regarding the appearance rfrom the front. also there is a weird spot on the head, seems like the shader is not calculated correctly or i made a mistake at the topology. maybe you would like have a look at the turntable and can guess what the problem is:

just made a quick approach to the eyelids, but i’m not sure if the actual topology is appropriate because there are some poles around the eye’s. maybe someone has a clue how to improve and/or if this could be a problem animating the face of the penguin later.

don’t know why i am still posting here, maybe it’s just a bad habit, whatever… here’s the approach for the eyelids. just a subsurf and some shapekeys from proportional rotation of the verts…

another one, actual render. don’t mind the weird shading and the surface on the backside…

You just have to combine the two together.

Cute and cuddly, boys. Cute and cuddly.

yeah, there were some redundant vertices and the stacking order wasn’t correct, so the mirror - modifier didn’t merge correctly.

as its supposed to be…

played a bit with the position of the eyes and made another approach to model eyelids. the thread from “Sanctuary” was pretty helpful, nice quick method to model a subsurf eyelid:

haven’t found any other helpful tutorial and information about modeling and rigging eyelids except a few examples but didn’t check the youtube yet.

luckily i’ve had the time for a closer look at the penguin. i’ve been modelling the bill struggling with loop subdivion and with the shading of the character. maybe you know a trick to smooth the head (espc. the back of it) or give a hint regarding a better topology.


messed up topology, deadline yesterday: