Pennywise,The Dancing Clown (2017 Version) 3D Model

I made some changes from the previous pennywise i made,on the hair,on the neck collar and the texture of the eyes :wink:
Modeling and Rendering in Blender 2.80.
Textures made in zbrush and Photoshop.
Sculpting in Zbrush.

now you can have a 3d look of the model or even buy it :wink:


Amazing work! You got any wireframe shots?

Sure, ill try to post some more shots :slight_smile:

After Pennywise 90’s version the 2017 version it’s nice :heart_eyes:


thank you!

Cheater this is some pictures from the original movie!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You’re #featured! :+1:


Very very much appreciated!


Please do justice by uploading more shots. Amazing work!

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i will,thank you :wink:

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a clown likes to make people laugh, he likes the presence of children and he’s willing you to spend a good time. But as you can see, he seems sad . Why ? Because, people are not nice with them because they look too nice and open heart, it shows how society badly treats their clowns :frowning:

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Incredible! This is something I’m going to have to model sometime. Is it just the head or do you have his entire body as well?

for now just the head and the neck collar…
but soon enough i will eventually model the body too :wink:

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I take it you set up a basic box mesh to work with first in Blender and then imported that in ZBrush…?

for the collar?

Well, everything really. But I guess, specifically for the head…?

well,i started with a uv sphere in blender,subdivided,did a little sculpting there,then some more in zbrush for the volumes,textures and skin detailing :wink:

Cool. I’ve yet to play around with Blender’s sculpting, though I have been practising and enjoying ZBrush. :slight_smile:

both are very good for that…
but zbrush just feels more sculpting friendly :slight_smile:

Decided to take up ZBrush over the summer as I’ll be using it at uni.

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