people are needed for the project

hello, I want to create a series, so I need people with the skills of blender, Unrial Engin 5 and others, the script is ready for 90-95% THE PROJECT OF ACCEPTANCE FIRST SERIES IS COMPLETELY DONE WITH ENTHUSIASM, I accept only people from Ukraine, thank you for your attention

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I moved this to Volunteer Work. This post also needs a LOT more information if you want people to take it seriously.


theme app:

the theme of medieval fantasy, the team needs Telegram or Discord, and preferably both. in the future, a Patreon is planned from which I will be able to pay for your work, and with the help of this project you will be able to improve your skills in 3D modeling and programming in Unreal Engin 5 for a photo realistic picture.
I will be grateful to anyone who joins

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I’m a beginner 3D artist looking to collaborate on projects to gain real experience working in a team. I have skills in Blender and familiar with Unreal Engine. Here is my portfolio:
And I’m from Kharkiv;)

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