Pepsi can

Did this following a tutorial and want to light it better but dont know how any suggestions


do you got Yafray? if yes, you can use GI, you can find it above where the big RENDER button is… or Scene(F10)>Yafray GI (after you set yafray as the renderer), or if you used BlenderInternal you might use Ambient Oclussion (AO), and u can find it on “shadings(f5)>World buttons> Amb Occ”… try these options, you’ll love the result… trust me…

Yes, as daniel said, but also try to turn on OSA

But it looks good now.

Beautifully done! Magnificent!

Heh, cloud9 says that to practically everyone. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway the modelling and texturing are really great. For the lighting, you could use yafray, yeah. And see how the checkered world extends up? Cancel that, it makes the reflections too patterned, just leave a flat plane, and then light it with a light probe, like something from these places


These are both great resources for hdri light probes. If you don’t know how to use those, check here.

Thanx guys and cloud9nimbus if you do say that to everyone keep it up it makes people feel good (well at least me) anyway will try all your ideas
thanx again!