Per vert/edge data and Modifies written in Python

Hello. I want to learn how to extend blender. when I first got the urge I decided to code a Doo–Sabin modifier as it would seem to easy and have some actual use.

But Blender PYthon API doesn’t support making new modifiers. :frowning: I heard that that is going to be part of the Everything nodes project when they add support for python nodes.

Now there are two things I want to add to Blender. Add an P2P version control/assist library and allow multiple users editing the same scene at once. I alrady worked out the UX and the all but the low level details of how to implements them(Thou I know no plan survives implimentation) at once and add support for Piecewise Smooth Subdivision Surfaces with Normal Control.

PSSSwNC require per vertex and per edge data. I figure that that is something I can learn before Everything Nodes get’s here but I haven’t fond any good docs explaining how you add new fields to Verts/Edges AlI can find is that in one of the forms Blender uses for one of it’s stage of editing meshes(I think it was the editmode data structure) it has a function to access but I could find to actual use the functions and nothing about how to get it into the .blend file.

Is there anything I can start learning about Blender coding now or would it mostly become out of date by the time Python coded modifiers are supported.

I’m a Forth/perl5 coder with a beginners C class and use Python as my main language. Forth does’t do OO well and all the projects I want to use use Python and Python is about equal in documentation/features to Perl5, thou I’m still learning Python I haven’t had any problem with the switch. I despise reading C++ code so I would like to keep experience with it to the minimum thou as long as it doesn’t use some esoteric feature of C++2X or some undocumented implementation dependent functionality I’ll manage.

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Where did you hear that? I don´t think it is correct.

IT was back in the 2.5 or 2.6 days so I can’t remember exactly. is was most likely here at BA but might have been a doc on I never found anywhere else to learn about Blender coding.