Perception Neuron Motion Capture

I ran across this very interesting Kickstarter project today -

I’ve seen demonstration videos of their Legacy system before, but had assumed the hardware was way out of my budget, and didn’t bother investigating further. Now, I’ve seen their new videos, and must say I’m really impressed! The concept of a motion capture system that doesn’t require a specific capture area, is incredibly cheap, is scaleable, and can capture not only human movement, but animal, prop, hand, camera (maybe just about anything!) is incredible. It can even capture through walls!

I know they always say, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is; only real-world experience with the system will show it’s true strengths and weaknesses, but I’m still going to be keeping my eye on this!

Has anyone else heard about it?

Ooh, Blender compatibility through BVH/FBX and a discount for original Oculus Rift backers…

Anyone know Mandarin for “Shut up and take my money”?

I’m getting the Dual 30-Neuron package. I can’t wait!

Definitely the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while.

I’m glad to see I’m not the only! It’s not often than I get genuinely excited about a new tool, but this still has me amped to try it out. I too have decided to back the project.

So amazing ! I will certainly buy it as soon as my bank account will permit it ^^

This is really exciting. I hope it lives up to its promise. The price is amazing when you consider that it takes three Kinects (at $100 per) to get full 360 coverage. And most of the mocap that I’ve seen done with the Kinect has a lot of foot slippage.

Steve S

They’ve released a demo with a few data files. Time to learn how to do armature retargeting I guess. :slight_smile:

Done for the 20 neurons pack :slight_smile: