Perfect camera....?

Is there a way to create a perfect camera, I mean if you make
a camera with IPO’s and play IPO propery then You can’t add
any other animations to the camera. And when you use the
Mouse script that makes a 360° rotation then it’s so wierd.
Now who has the perfect camera?

-Here you can find a mouse script I have modified in order to avoid the vertical full rotation.

Hey, I can’t download it!

Correct link:

I can’t still download it:

Send it to my e-mail:
[email protected]
[email protected]

Yeah, I had the same script…
You can’t add camera any other animations,
I need a camera view wich I can add animations too!

Well try to make the cam child of an empty. Then u can give the empty an animation. i think this works( if i dont understand u wrong)

hmm. that’s a very good idea…