Perfect Compositing Material - Transparent with shadows AND! no self shadow

Hi All.

Im trying to create a dream material with nodes that can be used as backdrop for 3D elements.
The material needs to be invisitble in general but still recieve shadows BUT it also needs to cast shadows on everything else than itself…

Do anybody have any ideas if this is possible?

BTW. This is not the usual “shadow only” compositor trick.
I am looking for a node based or OSL based solution.

Well, I guess you want it on BI, but if it is in Cycles, just check the ‘Camera’ checkbox under “Ray Visibility” in the Object Data tab.

I want this solution too. The Ray Visibility trick isn’t working for me. I wish it were that easy. It just doesn’t react to anything when I turn off Camera rays. Can you provide an example blend? Cheers.

@andre1204 I actually would prefer cycles, but I too cant get your solution to work.
Maybe I should elaborate on the intended use and benefits in some screens…