perfect description

A 3d modeller/renderer made by a Dutch company called “Not a number”. It’s totally free, but supports a lot of features from commercial packages, including nurbs and a very good render engine. From the same company you can also get gameblender, a version for games.

The interface looks very unintuitive(sp?) at first, and some people claim it really is. But if you continue, and slam yourself through your anger and some tutorials, it starts to more userfriendly. And after playing with it for a while, you don’t want anything else.

The interface is one of the most functional and intuitive user interfaces ever made. It becomes one with you.

this was taken off a site calleed

the site litterally has everything
i typed in free 3d and it gave me blender, not a numberm rihno, wings, and so on… it gives every meaning of nan. From a dutch company, to lyrics of a song, to japanese words, to a type of doug called nan… weird stuff.

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this is indeed a perfect description. maybe we should make a page somewhere with this description. so we can say to people: “Look, this is what I spend all my time on” :slight_smile:


everything2 is really great! there are some quality things there, and really in depth. I searched for some obscure genetics stuff and some recent researcher from a lab had just posted a really in depth descriptions. i wonder how long this has been around.

that is a perfect description, so real. They should put that in some ads or something.

I’d like for it to mention the animation capabilities, essential, and that the real-time mode is coming with it, not an option.