"Perfect Holiday" blender guru contest entry

ive been working on the blender guru contest, and this is what ive done so far. any ideas would be nice? :slight_smile:

Not a bad start, but I don’t understand the glare in the chair. (no rhyme intended)

it wasnt intended, its just that the chair is a little glossy from downside, i think ill put the wood texture under there too

Terrain texture looks a little flat. Try adding a sandy texture to where the water meets the land. Also add some more variation to the grassy texture like some light patches of dirt. The potted plant on the left of the deck needs to be a little lighter. Other than that I really like the table and chairs.

all noted :slight_smile: ! ill do more editing tomorow, too tired now :(, heres a update

heres an update, can any one tell why im getting these strange “stars” from glare node?