perfect holiday: my entry for blender guru contest

hi guys, this is probably my finished entry for the latest blender guru contest

hi res pic here
blender for modeling, cycles for rendering, 1000 passes for each image

Hey bro,
First of all, in my opinion, you should only submit one of the pictures, preferably the night picture, or one at a time, but not both. But that’s just my opinion.
Secondly, the water in the pool is too shaky you should try to make it look more like this :

Third, the lights in the pool are too white, try to make it more yellow
and you need a bit more grass !
And perhaps, you could add little lights coming from houses in the mountains behind
Finally try and show a larger surface of the pool

Ps : a nice touch would be to add depth of field, in order to focus the viewr’s attention on the “chair” thing

:smiley: Hope you the best

than you fot the suggestions man! i submitted it like this because the idea is to show that the place for a perfect holiday is where you would stay all the day…to the techincal issues you raised, i used such a crisp water to give to the scene a more “lifeful” aspect, suggesting that someone is swimming in there…for the grass, I had 3000 particles for it, plus 500 particles for every plant that is in the scene, so my cmputer couldn’t handle more of them…there is DOF in fact, the cycles one, maybe I could increase it…the lights in the background are a very good idea, I’ll add them! thank you very much for all the advices!

You’re most welcome :smiley:

I think you should be careful with the scales of the objects and textures, the distribution of grass need improves, the image is pretty cool in general, my device is for you look for reference photos

yes, the grass is definitly the biggest problem with it, but I reduced the particles number to avoid crashing during rendering…I’ll probably render an image only with more grass and shadowing elements and then comp it with PS…

like it very much, good luck in the contest! :slight_smile: