Perfect Shape - Shape Extrude Tool

Just to report that your add-on creates a memory leak :

  • create a plane
  • just add a particle system
  • Render animation WITH motion blur : Cycles stops rendering about few frames.

I solved this by disabling your add-on so I guess it comes from it.

Bug confirmed, occurs at GPU rendering, probably the problem is in refreshing icons, uses gpu to draw shapes in icons. It will be corrected in a future version. Cheers.

This addon looks very useful. Thanks.

@, thank you for sharing addon.

It’s not working properly in Blender 2.78c

Looks very promising and useful tool :slight_smile:

Man, please tell me this is going to be 2.8 ported. This is something I would really be able to use.

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yes this need to be
this addon is very useful

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Any news about this addon?
I m working on the “polysweeper” addon:

I wonder if would be possible to get a kind of shared workflow, since I use both a lot in my modeling work.
In case I could try to make the 2.8 porting? I miss this addon too much…


I think it would be a great add-on added to your addon.

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Well there was activity 11 days ago

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1.3 version for blender 2.8 seems to be near…


Can you update this addon PLEASE!! I’m begging cause it’s really good!!


We are several Blender users hoping for an update.

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Just found about this addon, it seems to be very useful.

There seems to be a version 2 for 2.8 but not sure how to make it work.

I select edges and then run perfect shape but it doesn’t do anything.


The same happens for me. This could be such a great tool.

Update the addon please! I can’t model fully without it.

Sorry for my absence. I’m rewriting this addon for 2.83+/2.9. Part of work is done on 2.8-dev branch on my github, but ultimately the add-on will be split to few smaller tools (the tool had grown too large and would be difficult to maintain). First of them will be released in this week - preview version is on



That is perfect selection tool. thanks

Oh my! This is great news, thank you!