Perfect Solid Mini Game

Hover over green solids to earn points!

Hover over red solids subtracts points and break your combo.

When your health cube at the bottom of the screen turns red, you lose.

Get a high combo score to regain health.

The smaller and greener the solid, the more points you get!

Each green solid will add one (1) to your combo multiplier.

The combo multiplier takes combo number% of your last score and adds it to your total score.

The solids change as you progress to higher scores.

Music made by me using FL Studio.

This game (thing) has a lot of room for improvements. Have any ideas for different features? I’d be happy to try and implement them!


benson.blend (6.69 MB)

This was pretty fun - I didn’t think I’d be suckered in so quickly! It would be cool if challenges were paced to reflect progress; like maybe the user is alerted everytime they meet some goal. Also, it would be really cool if the background had some kind of graphical representation of progress / failure - that way the user could know if things are going well or not without having to shift focus to the bottom of the screen.
Anyway, this concept was a good idea! Perfect Solid is simple to play yet visually attractive - and in a way that enhances the play experience too! Well done!