Performing Arts Center

Here is a project I finished last week. I modeled the bulk of the building in Revit then exported to blender to add details, materials and lighting.

I rendered with cycles at 1500 samples using two or three GTX580’s 3-5 hours depending on number of cards used. I made the terrazzo with procedural textures. I used a lot of examples from this forum and from and to accomplash this. Thanks to eMirage for giving us the great architecture model to pull from, I think i used the trees and glass. I also used the procedural wood texture posted here, can’t remember the user though. I’ll be glad to upload the blend file if anyone is interested. Thanks for everyone’s help from this forum.

Nice one. :slight_smile:

I love the colors and texture on the floor. Is that modeled after an actual place or one you made up? Either rate I would love to go there.

Great job!

I like the architecture rendering, very nice.

The lighting of the people doesn’t really match the lighting of the scene, you can tell they’ve been put in after the fact and the blur on a couple of them is too much.