Perhaps a unique question...

I am trying to create a video that has two simultaneous parts.
The first is a character that I have animated in Blender, and the second is a film of a person speaking a series of lines.
I would like to incorporate both the animation and the video of the person so that it appears they are having a conversation with each other. Is there a way that I can achieve this in Blender? Is is possible to import the video into blender and then possibly animate the other character in response to the video?

Any help pr suggestions is appreciated, especially if you could point me toward a tutorial of some sort that could help facilitate this. (I am using Blender 2.63)


Nope not unique at all. As a matter of fact googling “blender real video with model” resulted in several tutorials. Also google “Blender camera tracking” and you will find similar tutorial videos.

In a nutshell, you an pull in video into Blender and mix the two in the VSE (video sequence editor), or you can export the animation with a transparent background and then mix the two together in almost any non linear editor.

Hope that helps.